Welcome to my personal portfolio page. My name is Peter Tucker and I'm a web developer / designer based out of Martha's Vineyard, Mass. I've been part of quite a few startup teams which mainly have been focused on App development on both the Android and iOS platforms. I'm also the owner of the island-based developmnent firm MV Designs which specializes in web development and graphic design solutions for businesses.

I am constantly learning and enjoy taking online courses in Entrepreneurship and Web Technologies. I often try to be as autodidactic as possible when it comes to learning and solving problems.

When I'm not designing or developing, you can find me tinkering with and building computers. I enjoy both Apples and PC, and I'm an enthusiasts for Hackintosh machines. I've built my own, whom I lovingly call, Kurzweil.

I'm a bit of a foodie and art nerd as well. Recently, I've been trying to travel more to try to build up my art history knowledge. This past November(2015) I ventured to Florence/Rome to study up on the Renaissance period. Hopefully, this year will be to travel to Paris for the Art Nouveau movement.

Want to get in touch? Shoot me an email.